Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First day of Junior year.

1st period PHYSICS!
So basically I didn't want to take this class at all. It's for mainly seniors and you need a strong math background which I DONT have hahahaha. But I need to take it if I want to get into AP Chem next year. Anyways I walked into 1st period and I dont know ANYONE. It's awful!!! hahah I was just like sitting by this guy I dont know and it was really awkward. But the teacher is really old and pretty nice, he gave us a seating chart so now I'm at a table with 3 other senior boys I dont know. So yeah, this class is going to be weird. And interesting. And crazy. And HARD!

2nd period US HISTORY!
This is my least favorite subject just because its so boring to me. I have a lot of friends in that class so I guess thats okay. But yeah the teacher just talked about himself and cell phones for 55 minutes and I just about died beacause it was boring. Sooooo yeah nothing really exciting to write here

3rd period ALGEBRA 2!
I have the coolest teacher EVER for this class. She's so nice and funny and I like her so much. I have friends in here too, but I dont sit by them. We didnt even do anything today, just got our books and she's like 'okay, im done' and we talked for the rest of the hour. So I'm pretty sure this is going to be my favorite class haha

4th period CHEMISTRY!
RACHEL is in this class with me!!!!!!!!!!!! The teacher is shorter than her but VERY blunt and loud and honest. She said "Im the type of person who will tell you if those jeans make you look fat or not..." We took a math test in there. And I didnt really do well but that doesnt mean anything because we just got back from summer!! But I think this will be a really awesome class because so many people I know are in it.


6th period FRENCH 2!
also boring.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Running Start. And my birthday.


Yeah dude. Me, that's who. And I'm also pretty proud of it! I was super duper scared that I wouldn't pass because the minimum score to pass was 78 on the reading and 74 on the writing.

For those that don't know, Running Start is the program where high school juniors and seniors take College classes at Clark College and some other classes at their high school.

So Monday was my birthday (I'M 15!), and I got to get out of school early to take the tests. Reading and Writing tests were mandatory to take while the College Algebra test was not. Seriously, if I took that math test I would fail it. I think I might take it in a couple months if I have my dad prep me on some of the content that the test will cover.

Anyways, the tests were really easy. I got a 94% on writing and a whopping 99% on the reading one. I'm pretty proud of myself! Sooooooo, next year I get to go to college! I'm pretty excited. :D

Friday, February 13, 2009

I need to collect all of these..

The OFFICIAL Barack Obama Trading Cards!
*Inaugaral Edition!*
I was at Target today with my mom and these things caught my eye. I thought they were pretty dandy and decided to get them. I mean, how could you NOT get these at such a bargain...$1.99!

This picture didn't really turn out, but it's the packaging. COLLECT ALL 90 TRADING CARDS & 18 STICKERS!

Barack and I look cute together.

Barack and Remy also are very adorable.

This one probably has to be my favorite.

What an adorable smile.


Monday, January 26, 2009

But wait! There's more!